November 1, 2014

One thing I learned today: I need to let it go a little bit. There's no way I can really win with my current strategy.

One thing I'm grateful for: Hearing something I could relate to. Someone who challenges me. The growth I've already achieved. Someone else's writing - you reminded me to go back and read about my own past struggles, and there turned out to be a lot of wisdom in those pages, as there was in yours. You helped me feel less alone. Learning (again) that space is important to communication. Hope. Knowing that family is thinking of me.  A new month - I don't think I will ever stop loving fresh starts. An extra hour of rest when I really need it. Hope. Letting things be for now. Seeing myself in someone else and in watching him wrestle with his own mind, realizing for the thousandth time how important self-compassion is. Not judging myself for spending most of the day at home, because this is what is right now.


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