July 6, 2015

One thing I learned today: I want my self-sufficiency back.

One thing I'm grateful for: Sources of inspiration.

The song "Lifted Up" by Passion Pit.

Looking at my old journals, and instead of lamenting that I've been trying over and over to get it right for over 5 years now, realizing that it's actually amazing I haven't given up.

Being out and about at 6am on the quiet streets, knowing the whole day is stretched before me with possibility.

My best friend, who accepts her flaws with humility and genuinely works to grow - she inspires me to do the same.

My boss, who when rounding on patients doesn't stand at the foot of their bed like the other doctors, but crouches next to them, holding their hands.

My patients, who stay clean or try time and time again to do so despite all odds. 

The life story of Abraham Lincoln, who battled severe depression. 

The hospital bracelets hanging on my wall from the last time I drank and my first psych hospitalization. They serve as reminders not to tread backwards, but also of how far I've come. 

All of you.

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